Web Mania Marketing

Tips for Web Marketing

To get started in web marketing, there are some simple steps to engage in to get started and help promote a company and website online.

  • Add a blog page to the website
  • Use blog page to post short, relevant, and interesting articles
  • Add in highly searched keywords to the articles
  • Conduct research on what customers are Googling
  • Make sure website URLs are properly optimized
  • Use catchy slogans or taglines for the site and business
  • Reach out to other businesses for affiliate marketing and backlinks
  • Post often to stay relevant on Google for Google ranking
  • Consider using a social media account to promote blog posts

Black Hat Marketing

27 Sep 2020

Black hat marketing uses deception and cunning to manipulate SEO so that pages are placed higher in search engine results. Affiliate marketing is also manipulated by black hat marketers offering affiliate links to purely increase profits. Black hat marketers often use paid clickers to increase the number of website views.

Some Common Social Media Platforms for Marketing

30 Aug 2020

Web marketing uses all kinds of websites, video sharing platforms and social media for advertising a product or service. Some common social media platforms used for marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and emails. There are so many choices for marketing, and it depends on the intention of the advertiser.

Web Marketing Restrictions in the Online Gaming Industry

5 Jul 2020

Online gambling operators have endured strict regulations over the years. No other industry is facing such hurdles to advertise, and the topic is heavily debated across the world.

In recent years some of these regulations have been revised and loosened in some countries like the UK. Yet each country holds different laws and regulations on gambling advertisements. In the US, each state can also differ in rules based upon the same laws. The measures are in place to uphold the safe and responsible gambling ethos the industry is dedicated to encouraging.

Online gambling operators have had to think outside of the box for many years and have come up with many ways to advertise their products online. Below we will explore what regulations a gambling operator may face in advertising.

Restrictions in Place for Web Marketing

The laws and restrictions on web marketing for online gambling are dense. Plus, they are often dependent on the locality you wish to campaign from and the audience.

Search engines like Google now allow advertising under a strict set of rules. Social media sites are also beginning to loosen their strict policies. In general, the principal regulations for creating advertising content relate to the safety of the potential players.

Making 'puffery' claims is highly frowned upon and will see your advert being rejected. A puffery claim means to exaggerate the truth and mislead people into believing unrealistic things. Adding a statement such as 'Become a millionaire today!' sells people false fantasies and counts as false advertising.

Another absolute “no-no” is advertising to attract a young audience. This includes using minors in the advert and targeting a mainly minor community of online users. It is forbidden to campaign on sites aimed at children and to use actors who look under the age of 25.

Furthermore, the advert cannot target a specific audience of people. Nor can it exploit any cultural beliefs even if the content is tied to a theme like 'luck.'

Most regulatory codes also state that a responsible gambling message must be visible on all advertised content. To advertise through Google, you must apply for certification and adhere to strict rules. No advert will be published where the central theme is winning real money or prizes. All content should instead be aimed at entertainment. As an example of how things should be, you can find a list of compliant casino sites here.

The Future of Online Gambling Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media sites are invaluable platforms for all industries to advertise. They reach a global audience with little effort. Sites like Twitter and Facebook use age-screening software to allow age-appropriate advertising to reach its users. Online casinos are taking advantage of these platforms because they enable that extra layer of security. They also provide many other benefits to advertising campaigns.

Gambling operators in the US still have a long way to go to advertise freely across all platforms. With the UK taking the leap in lifting its regulations, the US may learn from its approach and adapt its stance in the future. For now, web marketing remains the best option for US operators.

Email Lists

30 Jun 2020

An email list is a list of contacts that have been acquired over time from a sign up on a website. It can also be from newsletters. Once this information has actually been obtained, it is possible to contact people with more personal and targeted information which can not be found from other sources online.