Web Linking is gaining backlinks to your website from other websites and is a crucial element for any Search Engine Optimisation campaign. Web linking is important because of Google PageRank. Google uses its PageRank system to judge a web pages importance, relevancy and popularity.

Backlink Strategy

Google’s PageRank system creates a rank from 0 to 10 (the higher PageRank you have the better.) for all web pages based on their importance, relevancy and popularity. Google determines the PageRank of a webpage from several sources; however the main source is from checking the amount of backlinks there are to that webpage (backlinks are classed as votes / popularity for your page) and the strength of those backlinks (backlink strength is determined by the PageRank of linking website). Hence the reason why web linking is important if you want to get to the first page of Google or even get on the top of Google for your chosen keywords or key phrases.

However, web linking has to be done gradually, usually on a month by month basis, as if you get 1000’s of links to your website all at once, Google will probably see this as suspicious and sandbox your website. In other words Google will drop your website from their search index. So in order to run an effective SEO campaign this will usually have to be done monthly.


Our Web Linking Service

Our web linking service includes the manual submission of your website to various directories and websites which have a high authority and high PageRank, in order to gain your website a higher PageRank and in turn move your website up in the rankings of Google.

In General:

1 hour of web linking will generally produce around 8 to 10 links to your site.

2 hours of web linking will generally produce around 18 to 22 links to your site.

Our professional web linking service is charged at £30 +VAT per hour.

For more details on what we can do for you, please contact us via our contact form or alternatively phone us on 0843 2893818.